Food Blood Type B




Beneficial Neutral Avoided
1 Meat and Fowl Lamb, hare, deer Cattle, turkey, camel Chicken, duck, pork
2 Seafood Cod, Mackarel, Sardine Scallop, squid, tuna Toad, lobster, octopus
3 Milk and Egg Mozzarella, cow milk, goat milk Cream, butter, chicken eggs American cheese, duck eggs, ice cream.
4 Oil and Fats olives almond oil, cod liver oil, corn oil Coconut oil, peanut oil, sesame oil
5 Beans and Grains Walnuts Almonds Cashew, peanuts, sunflower seeds.
6 Legumes Lima beans, Navy beans Red Beans, tamarind Soy nuts, tempe, tofu
7 Rice, bread and pasta Oatmeal, rice cereal, rice bread Soyflour, wheat Maize, sorghum, tapioca
8 Vegetables Broccoli, Cabbage, wortel Chinese radish, lettuce shoots, taro Corn, tomatoes, pumpkin
9 Fruit Pineapple, papaya, banana Apple, breadfruit, guava Bitter melon, coconut, star fruit
10 Juices and Syrups Juices ingredients number 8 and 9 Juices ingredients number 8 and 9 Juices ingredients number 8 and 9
11 Herbs and spices Curry spice, ginger Red algae, tamarind, garlic Gelatin, cinnamon, soy sauce
12 Flavoring Mayonnaise Tomatoes
13 Medicinal plants and herbal teas Ginsengm ginger, peppermint Mulberry, strawberry, sarsaparilla Aloe vera
14 Drinks Black tea, red wine Soda, alcohol


Damayanti Zainab, Calista (2010). Diet Sehat Berdasarkan Golongan Darah A AB B O. Semarang: Penerbit Ega Acitya


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